Legal Notices

Yoplait UK Ltd has launched the website at (hereinafter
referred to as the “Website”).
Use of the Website implies full respect of the terms of use outlined in this document.
By accessing the Website, any person browsing the Website confirms to have read
and accepted all terms appearing under these terms and conditions and undertakes
to guarantee their total compliance.
The Website is accessible at the following URL address: The
Website editor is Yoplait UK Ltd, a Simplified Joint Stock Company with a sole
shareholder, incorporated on the Trade and Companies Register in Uxbridge under
number Company Reg Number 02597128, having its registered office at Yoplait UK Ltd,
Harman House, 1 George Street, Uxbridge UB8 1QQm represented by Nick
Wishman, General Manager, duly authorised for the purposes of these presents.
The Website is hosted by OVH, 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix France. RCS :
Roubaix – Tourcoing 424 761 419 00011.

Use of the online service implemented by Yoplait UK Ltd and outlined in these
general terms and conditions is entirely free of charge.
However, all items of equipment (computer, telephone, software, telecommunication
means, etc.) which provide access to this service are payable solely and exclusively
by the web users, as well as all Internet connection costs.

Website access grants users a private and non-exclusive right to use this Website.
All elements and information published on this Website, and in particular text,
photographs, logos, brands, videos, etc. constitute creative works as defined by the
French Intellectual Property Code. Consequently, any use, representation or
reproduction of content, in whole or in part, which may be undertaken without the
consent of authors or beneficiaries is illegal.


Yoplait UK Ltd constantly strives to protect personal data. It undertakes to offer the
best level of protection to your personal data in compliance with European and
French data protection regulations applicable.
For further information concerning data protection, you can additionally consult the
website of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) at
Data Controller:
The Data Controller is Yoplait UK Ltd, represented by Nick Wishman, General
Collection of personal data:
What items of personal data do we collect?
Some of the personal data stored on our server are those which you voluntarily
provide to us when completing online forms. Other data are automatically collected
during your visit.
Those items of data automatically collected during your visit are as follows:

  • Your IP address: an IP address is assigned to your computer by your internet
    service provider so you can access the Internet. This address is generally
    considered to be information which is not personally identifiable as it changes
    each time you log on.
  • Your login when browsing areas of the website with restricted access.
  • The web address from which you were directed to our Website
  • The date and time when you visit the Website and those pages viewed.
  • The operating system and web browser used by your computer.
    Yoplait UK Ltd uses your personal data primarily for the following reasons:
  • Personalisation of our services and messages which we send you.
    Your personal data allows us to improve and personalise the services which we offer
    you and the messages we send.
    For instance: we may send you personalised emails or recommend similar products
    to those you have already purchased or viewed, and which correspond to your
  • Website security
    We collect browsing data to guarantee the security of our services and to detect,
    avoid or trace and attempted malicious act or intrusion or any infringement of the
    terms of use of our Services.
  • Personalisation of online advertising (targeted advertising)
    We may use data which does not directly identify you (technical identification or
    socio-demographic data) to adapt the adverts that you see on our Website or those
    of our partners.

Your data may be cross-referenced with browsing data and other information
collected in the course of our relations with partners, and anonymised before use,
such as your age bracket or gender so as to better understand your user profile and
associate these with your interests for adverts and which will be used to draw up
Website usage statistics.
For further information and to manage cookies, please refer to article 5.

  • Client understanding and Website statistics and performance
    We may use data to better understand our clients or to collate statistics to analyse
    activities on our Website and improve our services. We draft traffic statistics and, for
    instance, measure the number of pages viewed, number of visits to the Website, as
    well as visitor activities on the Website and the frequency of returns.
  • Application and recruitment services
    Our human resources department uses the Website to collect applications. CVs are
    stored for up to a maximum of 2 years after the last contact with the applicant.
    Beyond this period, CVs will be deleted. Information is secure and only accessible by
    people involved in the recruitment process.
    Legal basis of processing
    Amongst the legal bases applicable are:
  • Consent: you accept that your personal data may be processed by granting
    your express consent (tick box, clicking, etc.). You may withdraw your consent
    at any time.
  • Legitimate interests: Yoplait UK Ltd has a commercial interest in processing
    your data which is justified, balanced and does not harm your privacy.
    Notwithstanding any exception, at any time you can object to processing
    based on legitimate interests by notifying Yoplait UK Ltd.
    Term of data storage
    The majority of data (for instance, your client account data) are stored for as long as
    you are an “active” client and for a period of 3 years following your last activity (for
    instance logging in to your account or expiry of a contract or warranty period).

Processing objectives:

  • Personalisation of our services (emails, product recommendations on our
    Website, etc.)
    Legal basis: contract
    Term of storage in an operational database: 3 years from the last activity for emails
  • Issue of emails or SMS (electronic commercial canvassing)
    Legal basis: consent
    Term of storage in an operational database: 3 years following the last activity
    Useful observations: You can withdraw your consent at any time in your account
  • Targeted advertising/profiling
    Legal basis: Consent
    Term of storage in an operational database: 13 months following the storage of
    advertising cookies
    Useful observations: You can manage advertising cookies in the cookie management
    tool on the cookies information page or notify your objection at any time to profiling
    activities in your Yoplait UK Ltd account.
  • Data sharing within SODIAAL Group for client knowledge:
    Legal basis: Legitimate interest
    Term of storage in an operational database: 5 years from the last activity
    Storage: 5 to 10 years
    Useful observations: You can notify your objection at any time to data sharing within
    Sodiaal Group in your Yoplait UK Ltd account.
  • Application management
    Legal basis: Legitimate interest
    Term of storage in an operational database: 2 years from the last contact
    Storage: 2 years
    Targeted advertising:
    We hereby inform you that we may transfer some of your identification data to
    partners, such as client profiles, cookies or technical identifiers without these parties
    being able to identify you by name:
  • For the purpose of targeted advertising on our Website or on third-party
    websites (please refer also to the cookies and targeted advertising sections);
    To improve our client understanding:
  • To enable us to link your various terminals (computers, mobile phone, etc.)
    and offer you a harmonised user experience across all devices which you use.
    You can also configure your cookie settings to directly manage cookies in relation
    with targeted advertising from the cookie information page.
    How can I indicate my choices as to use of my personal data?
    We actively work towards improving our choice management tool which is accessible
    from your account to allow you to have better control over the use of your data.
    At any time, you can withdraw your consent or object to use of your personal data
    indicated hereinabove:
  • Through links available in all messages
  • And at any time
    Online by visiting the “Contact” page;
    By writing to: Yoplait UK Ltd, Harman House, 1 George Street, Uxbridge UB8 1QQ.
    If you send us an email or write to us by post:

Please indicate your surname, given name, email and postal address and indicate
the reason for your request and/or right you wish to exercise.
To allow us to fully understand your request, you can for instance indicate one or
more of the following reasons:

  • To stop commercial canvassing: “Stop Yoplait UK Ltd email” or “Stop Partners
  • To stop data sharing for client understanding: “Object to Yoplait UK Ltd Group
  • To stop targeted advertising: “Object to data sharing with third-parties for
    targeted advertising”
  • To delete your client account: “Delete my account”
    What rights do I have with regard to use of my personal data?
    Pursuant to the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act of 6th
    January 1978 amended, each web user completing this form has a right to access,
    rectify, erase personal data and may also, for legitimate reasons, object to
    processing, which can be exercised by writing to Yoplait UK Ltd, Harman House, 1
    George Street, Uxbridge UB8 1QQ. Pursuant to the provisions set forth under article
    92 of Decree no. 2005-1309 of 20th October 2005, a copy of a valid identity
    document should be enclosed with each request for a right to access, object or rectify
    personal data.
    You may also make a complaint with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), by
    using its Website at
    Are my personal data transferred outside of the European Union?
    You are hereby notified that your personal data may be transferred, for those
    objectives indicated above, to companies located in countries outside of the
    European Union with a level of data protection less secure than that in force within
    the EU.
    Prior to any transfer outside of the European Union, Yoplait UK Ltd will take all
    necessary measures and guarantees to secure such transfers.
    How do you use my personal data in relation to Social Networks?
    Use of social Yoplait UK Ltd social networks and services or apps, for any interaction
    in relation with these social networks is likely to lead to collection and exchange of
    certain data between the social networks and Yoplait UK Ltd.
    We request that you consult the privacy policies of these social networks to carefully
    read about which data are collected by the social network and which may be
    transferred to Yoplait UK Ltd in relation with its sites and apps as well as the
    objectives for use of your data, notably for the purpose of advertising.
    You can correctly configure access and privacy settings on the social networks.

Yoplait UK Ltd collects on its own behalf certain information and personal data
relating to your activity on Yoplait UK Ltd social network pages or Yoplait UK Ltd sites
and apps which use social network services.
These data are used for advertising to improve our commercial relations and the
advertising sent to you in order to offer you a personalised and social experience.
Information collected by Yoplait UK Ltd on its own behalf through Yoplait UK Ltd
apps, sites or services in relation with social networks are governed by these general
terms and conditions and by the special terms and conditions of Yoplait UK Ltd apps.
However, Yoplait UK Ltd is not liable for any use made of your data by the
social networks themselves.
“Plug-ins” and social modules
Our Website uses “plug-ins” or social modules.
These are, in particular “Like” or “share” buttons on third-party social networks such
as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. which you may find on our sites and apps.
They allow you to like and share information from our sites and apps with your friends
on social networks. When you consult any page on our Yoplait UK Ltd websites (web
or mobile) including plug-ins or social modules, a connection is established with
social network servers (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) who are then informed that you
accessed the corresponding page on the Yoplait UK Ltd Website consulted, and
even if you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, and even if you are not
logged in to your Facebook or Twitter account.
For example: if you are logged in to a social network when browsing on the Website, the social networks to which you are logged in may
indicate your visit in your account on the corresponding social networks. If you use
plug-ins (e.g.: likes), your actions may be stored and published on your social
network accounts depending on the settings of your social network accounts. If you
do not want social networks to publish your actions using plug-ins on your social
network accounts, you should log out from social networks before visiting our
Social connect
The Social Connect function allows you to connect to our websites using your social
network sites to facilitate access to our services. When you connect to our sites using
these third-party accounts, Yoplait UK Ltd may have access to certain information to
offer you a personalised and social experience. Additional information to those
already present in your social accounts may be requested by Yoplait UK Ltd for those
objectives outlined above. Information collected by Yoplait UK Ltd on our websites
and apps are not transferred to social networks without your consent. It is your
responsibility to manage your privacy settings on social networks when you want to
connect to Yoplait UK Ltd services using your social network login information.

Yoplait UK Ltd is likely to use temporary “cookies” valid for the duration of your
session visiting our Website.
These “cookies” are items of data stored in the cache of your computer, and are
intended to potentially store information pertaining to your computer’s browsing on
the Website (pages viewed, date and time of visit, etc.) which we can read during
your subsequent visits. When you close your web browser, they will not be stored.
Each web user is able to accept or refuse cookies. You can object to storage of
“cookies” on your computer by configuring the settings of your web browser as
– In (Microsoft) Internet Explorer: “tools” tab, “internet options”, click on
“confidentiality”. Then under the “Advanced confidentiality settings” tab, click on
“Ignore automatic cookie management” and choose “refuse all cookies” Internal and
third-party). Click on “OK” to confirm.
–In Firefox: “tools” tab, then “options”. In the “privacy” tab, tick “inform Websites not
to track me”. Click on OK to confirm.
–In Safari, click on “Settings”. Under the “Confidentiality” section, define the level of
acceptance of cookies.
–In Chrome, click on “Preferences” and then “Display advanced settings”. Under the
“Confidentiality” section, click on “Content settings” and define your choice under the
Cookies section.
If you use any web browsers other than those indicated: please refer to the help files
or user manual. If you refuse or delete cookies created by the Website, your
browsing experience will not be affected, apart from the possibility of logging in to
your personal space.
For further information concerning cookies and how to manage and consult cookies,
please visit the CNIL website or
Types of cookies

  • Session identifier “cookies”. These are technical “cookies” strictly necessary
    for operation of the Website. They provide access to reserved and personal
    spaces on our Website, thanks to personal identifiers (session identifier
  • Audience measurement “cookies”.
    Yoplait UK Ltd uses a Google Web analytics service named “Google Analytics”,
    which is an item of software installing “cookies” on your computer to analyse your use
    of the Website. The purpose of these “cookies” is to potentially store information
    related to your browsing on our Website (date and time of visit, number of visits to the
    website, pages viewed, time spent on the website, the click-through rate, the

operating system used, the web browser, the country of connection, keywords
entered to access the website, the origin of web users, web user behaviours, etc.)
which we can read during your subsequent visits. Information collected and stored by
“cookies” concerning your use of the website will be transferred, stored and archived
by Google on servers located in the USA. Google will use this information so as to
evaluate your use of the website, and to compile website usage reports for the
company. Further information concerning Google Analytics and data privacy can be
found at or at

Contact form
Personal data entered onto the contact form on the website are intended for the sole
and exclusive use of Yoplait UK Ltd for the sole purpose of answering questions
asked under the “Contact Us” tab.
Pursuant to the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act of 6th
January 1978, each web user who completed this form will have a right to access,
rectify or erase personal data which can be exercised by contacting “Yoplait UK Ltd,
Harman House, 1 George Street, Uxbridge UB8 1QQ”.
Pursuant to the provisions set forth under article 92 of Decree no. 2005-1309 of 20th
October 2005, a copy a valid identity document should be enclosed with requests to
exercise a right to access, object or rectify data.
Recruitment form
Personal data entered in the recruitment form appearing on the website are intended
for the sole and exclusive use of Yoplait UK Ltd for the sole purpose of responding to
applications submitted via the “Contact Us” page.
Moreover, at the time of submitting an application on the Website, you are asked, via
an application form, for a number of mandatory indications and to send a CV.
These data will be used for management and consideration of your application. As
the recruitment process is lengthy, Yoplait UK Ltd stores applications for a period of 2
years following the time of last contact with you.
Beyond this period, and if you have not made any formal extension request, your
application will become invalid and your personal data will be automatically deleted
from the Website.
Pursuant to the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act of 6th
January 1978, each web user who completed this application form has a right to
access, rectify or request erasure of their personal data and may also, for legitimate
reasons, object to processing.

To exercise these rights, please contact the Human Resource Directorate, Yoplait UK
Ltd, Harman House, 1 George Street, Uxbridge UB8 1QQ.
Pursuant to the provisions stipulated under article 92 of Decree no. 2005-1309 of
20th October 2005, a copy of a valid identity document should be enclosed along
with any request exercising a right to access, object or rectify personal data.
As part of promotions organised by Yoplait UK Ltd on the Website, personal data
may be requested from web users who wish to participate in competitions. The Data
Controller and objectives of processing will be clearly indicated on the competition
entry form. The Data Controller will only use personal data for those purposes
notified to the web user at the time of competition entry.
In certain instances, and following the explicit acceptance of the web user, personal
data may be transferred to allow for commercial offers to be proposed by Yoplait UK
Ltd and/or its partners. Yoplait UK Ltd will only send personal data of competition
entrants to third parties if they have granted their explicit consent.
In all instances, competition entrants have, pursuant to the French Data Protection
and Freedom of Information Act of 6th January 1978, a right to access, rectify or
delete their personal information which can be exercised by contacting the data
Data collected are mandatory to participate in a competition. Consequently, any
persons who exercise their right of erasure before the competition end date will be
deemed as withdrawing their entry.
Non-personal data
Any information which does not constitute personal data and which you send to
Yoplait UK Ltd via the Website (comments, notices, suggestions, etc.) may be used
by Yoplait UK Ltd, without any restricted right of use, and without any remuneration
for you or any third party. This information will not be considered as confidential by
Yoplait UK Ltd.

Yoplait UK Ltd has implemented resources to securely store all personal data to
avoid any loss, alteration or piracy. Storage systems are only accessible by a
restricted number of authorised persons.


The Website services are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding
any case of force majeure as defined under article 1218 of the French Civil Code or
any event outside of the control of Yoplait UK Ltd, and subject to periods of
maintenance and any breakdowns. 
The transfer rates and response times for
information circulating between the Internet and the Website platform are not
guaranteed by Yoplait UK Ltd. The speed of information transfers does not form part
of the service access guarantee offered by Yoplait UK Ltd, but the inherent
characteristics of online networks pertaining to technical traffic management
 Yoplait UK Ltd hereby reminds users of the characteristics and limitations
of the Internet network and waives all liability as to the consequences of user
connections to this network via the Website.
 More particularly, Yoplait UK Ltd may
not be held liable for any damages, whether material or immaterial, occasioned on
users, their electronic hardware and data stored therein, and any consequences
which may result for their personal, professional or commercial activities.
 Yoplait UK
Ltd may not be held liable for any use by third parties of elements appearing on
personal spaces of the website.
Yoplait UK Ltd may not, moreover, be held liable in such instance as one or more
users are unable to connect to the Website due to any technical defect or problem
notably related to network congestion.
Yoplait UK Ltd may unilaterally, and at any moment whatsoever, temporarily or
definitively suspend the online publication of its Website without it being held liable
and without this leading to the assignment of any compensation of any nature
Website pages may include hypertext links pointing towards other websites which are
published by companies not related to Yoplait UK Ltd, and over which Yoplait UK Ltd
has no form of control whatsoever. Yoplait UK Ltd does not accept any liability as to
the content of these third-party websites or any content to which these third-party
websites may refer. No user or visitor to the Website may publish a hypertext link
pointing towards this website without the prior written consent of Yoplait UK Ltd.
Yoplait UK Ltd is free to amend these general terms and conditions of use at any
time whatsoever. The latest version of the general terms and conditions of use is
enforceable on users.
 The general terms and conditions of use are governed by
French legislation and any dispute arising and which pertains to their execution
and/or interpretation will be referred to the French courts. It is strictly prohibited to
use or reproduce the name of “Yoplait UK Ltd” and/or its logo, as well as any brands,

designs or models cited and/or presented on this Website or any other related
website, in any manner whatsoever, and notably for advertising purposes without the
prior written consent of Yoplait UK Ltd.
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